Charlie Rose "Speakeasy" is an innovative and sophisticated proposal inspired by the years of Prohibition in the United States. A multi-space that integrates artistic events, audiovisual exhibitions, bar services, cocktails and restaurants, social meeting points, business and hobbies.
Charlie Rose "Speakeasy" is a unique experience, with a retro setting, meticulous in detail, inspired by the mythical American era, which generates in the audience a flashback of what that era could have been without having lived it.

The international concept of Charlie Rose integrates multiple activities related to the experience with art in all its expressions, in order to form an attractive entity of the place. Among his creative and entertaining expressions, Charlie Rose offers live music, dance, artistic performances and audiovisual exhibitions. Is the multi-space for social gatherings of different types such as hobbies, business meetings and artistic experiences, as well as for personal, business events, audiovisual shoots, and if required, assistance staff services, as well as catering service, cocktails, shows, etc.